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FAQs I'm asked as a bridal hair stylist!

How many people can I style by myself?

Bride plus 4, depending on styles and the time of your ceremony of course! 🫶 Not only is this due to TIME - (not every Bride wants to start getting ready at 6am!) But quality is my number one priority, I want to take my time and put my very best into every hairstyle I create, for them all to be perfect! More pampering, less conveyor belt!😍

How long does it take me to create an array of beachy boho hairstyles you may ask? 🤍 Bride - 1 hour + 🩷 bridesmaids / mothers of the bride hair - 45 mins depending on desired styles, hair thickness ect... You also need to be ready an hour before your ceremony (or sooner if you need to travel there!) 🫶

Do I need extensions? 🤔 I can create a style on pretty much every hair type and length... however, your hair may need the help of extensions depending on the bridal style you have in mind. Look at the hair in your inspo photos - if that length and thickness seems too good to be real... it probably isn't! 🫶 My bridesmaid just wants some curls, is this the same price? 🫣 Yes, the same amount of time, products & skill will go into making sure those soft curls look picture perfect all day long. 😍 How do I book? 🙏 You can fill out the contact form on my website or send me a DM over Instagram @oceanwaveshairstyling. If you've chosen your bridal hair package you can save your date with me by a deposit or we can chat to see which package would suit you best and go from there! Do I have my hair or makeup done first? 🤔 I like to stay flexible about this - ideally it makes sense to have makeup applied first so I can finish the front of your hair. Otherwise clips to push your hair out of your face, can ruin what we've created for you! I do occasionally finish the front after makeup, depending on your makeup artist's timings. 💄 What happens if I change my mind about the style I loved, after my trial? 😬💗 Message me and we can talk about different options! It could be something as simple as changing the braid for twists or a complete change into an up-do instead of having it down. Either way, I'm more than happy to plan another beautiful style for you. Your happiness is key! 🫶 My Mum has changed her mind and would like her hair done now, can I add her on? 🙈 Of course - I'd love to glam up mama too! Just remember an extra person means an earlier start time - double check you have access to your venue early enough if you aren't staying the night before! 🫶

Did this help answer anything on your mind? I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments or send me a message! Becca x

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