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5 MUST HAVES for your bridal morning checklist!

1. Playlist of your favourite tunes! Set the mood and everyone will be absolutely buzzing whilst getting ready! Don't be the bride that says, 'It's a bit quiet, we need some music!' 🙌🔊

2. Drinks & snacks! Stay hydrated and have a nibble - avoid feeling hungry whilst waiting for your wedding meal! (Even if it is just champagne & strawbs 😉)🥂🍓

3. DIY SOS kit 😆 - scissors / sewing kit / plasters / body tape! You wouldn't believe how many are scrabbling around for these sort of items! I tend to keep some in my kit as it happens so often! 😆

4. Pics & vids! Bridesmaids, make sure you're capturing all of those little moments for your Bride! 😍 It could be weeks until she finally gets her pro photos - give her something to look back on the very next day! 🥹❤️

5. Inspo pics! Bride-to-be, we know exactly what I am doing for you 😏👌 but bridesmaids /mother of the bride...have your inspo pics at the ready! Please send them to your Bride to show me too - it's great to see your ideas before the day...and just incase you have your heart set on a 2 hour long job! 😉🫶

'❤️' if you find this helpful 🥰

Becca x




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